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Spry Recovery enables estheticians to keep their clients comfortable by providing custom support for their head and neck. The pillow utilizes our patented Flo-Form® technology, allowing it to contour precisely to the user’s individual shape.

Note: Wholesale pricing is available for bulk orders. 

Spry Recovery is perfect for:

  • Longer procedures such as microblading, eyelash extensions, facials, etc.
  • Laser hair removal
  • Massages

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Sensory Stress Reliever

Looking for a smaller option that provides the same great feel? Try our 6×6 Sensory Stress Reliever, which helps promote relaxation for clients during procedures that may cause heightened anxiety.

Note: Wholesale pricing is available for bulk orders. 

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Our Flo-Form® Technology

So, what sets Spry Recovery apart?

Doesn’t flow like liquid: Once you mold the Flo-Form® into a particular shape, it will stay like that until you remold it.

Has no memory: Unlike memory foam, Flo-Form® does not have a predisposition to return to its original shape. So when you’re resting against it, there is no push-back or resistance.

Easy to clean: Spry Recovery comes with an easy-to-wash removable cover. If used without the cover, simply wipe down the exterior of the pillow with a mild solution and it’s ready to go for the next client.