frequently asked questions

What is inside the Spry Recovery Pillow?

Each Spry Recovery pillow is filled with our patented fluidized technology called Flo-Form. This material is designed to behave like a fluid in all ways except one: it doesn’t flow in response to gravity. So, once you mold it into a particular shape, it will stay in that shape until you re-mold it. Because it contours around your body as you sink into it, it redistributes pressure and makes you more comfortable while you sit or lay down.

How do I wash my Spry Recovery Pillow?

The cover can be removed and washed on the “delicates” cycle of your washing machine. If you wish to clean the inside of the pillow, the gray polyurethane surface can be wiped down with normal household disinfectants.

How do I use my Spry Recovery Pillow?

To mold the Spry Recovery pillow to your body, lay or rest against it. Then, using the palms of your hands, push the outer areas of the pillow toward the center. This will cause the Flo-Form to mold to the shape of your body and fill in any unsupported areas. When you are done using it, simply flatten it back out using your hands.

Is there any latex or DEHP in these products?

No, we do not use any latex or DEHP in our Spry Recovery products.

How big is the Spry Recovery pillow? Is it easy to travel with?

The Spry Recovery pillow comes in two sizes:

weight: 3 lbs
dimensions: 17 x 10 x 1.5


weight: 3 lbs
dimensions: 17 x 7 x 2.5

Either pillow can easily be stored in a backpack, carry-on suitcase, or gym bag.