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As the hospitality industry continues to adjust to the “new normal” with higher standards for cleanliness, brands are implementing programs to improve guest safety and provide peace-of-mind. While these efforts will help sanitize the hard surfaces in hotels and on cruise lines, soft surfaces – such as pillows – will remain a vector for contamination.

Existing hotel soft goods – regardless of whether or not a protective slip is used – have countless pores and stitched seams, allowing them to absorb and expel pathogens with each use, putting both guests and staff members at risk for infection.

our solution

Spry Therapeutics’ filter technology blocks all known viruses, bacteria and other potentially harmful pathogens from entering our pillows, preventing the accumulation and aerosolization of germs.

Once implemented, our technology reduces your facility’s overall costs and improves sustainability efforts.

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“We strongly believe that guests have a right to clean soft goods that have not been contaminated by a previous guest." – Bill Purdy, CEO

what's in the standard pillow?

standard pillow

  • The average pillow has 1 million spores and as many as 16 types of fungus.
  • Stitching holes and zippers allow for viruses, bacteria, allergens and more to enter – regardless of whether or not a protective slip is used.
  • Pillows require regular replacement, resulting in increased budget, carbon footprint and disposal efforts.

spry pure products

  • Our Pneumapure® Filter blocks bacteria, viruses, germs, allergens and molds.
  • Waterproof outer fabric provides a breathable barrier that does not need to be laundered.
  • Hermetically sealed seams completely seal and secure the pillow’s barrier.

Pneumapure® filter technology

Pneumapure® is the world’s only clinically-proven and lab-tested filter technology for soft surfaces.

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