blog | 03.21.23

Proven Tips for Making Your Business Trips Awesome (Not Stressful)

No one needs to tell you how stressful business travel can be. For some professionals, business trips are something they dread, and can’t wait to get back home. But here’s the thing: Whether jetting off to a nearby city or zipping across the world, you can make your time away from home more enjoyable. Spry Therapeutics has shared a few tips for planning fun business trips that you look forward to!


Keep Your Belongings Organized 

The more organized your belongings, the more time and energy you’ll save when you’re on the go. Keep all your important documents (e.g., boarding passes, tickets, itineraries, etc.) easily accessible, and invest in quality luggage with plenty of pockets. This will help you keep track of smaller items like passport copies, earbuds, and chargers.

If you haven’t already done so, digitizing your essential documents is an excellent way to stay organized while traveling. If anything gets lost or stolen on your trip, you can still access the information you need quickly and securely.

Saving your travel documents as PDFs is an easy and secure way to have access to them from any device — whether you have Wi-Fi or not. You can make changes quickly, so your documents are up-to-date and ready for sharing.


Deduct What You Can

If you don’t have a corporate expense account one of the best things about business travel is that you can deduct many of your expenses on your taxes at the end of the year. Remember to keep detailed records of any meals, transportation costs (including taxis and Uber rides), lodging costs, and any other expenses you accrue during the trip. You’ll be prepared with all the information necessary to take deductions when tax season rolls around!


Prioritize Sleep

It’s easy to get caught up with work-related tasks and forget about taking care of yourself when traveling for business. But you can’t let yourself become too overwhelmed; remember to prioritize sleep when possible, so you don’t feel overly tired during meetings or presentations. Plus, getting adequate rest will help you maintain your health and well-being.

Nap when you can. Use your time on the plane to take a nap this will help you to stay energized and focused. You can achieve a clean and comfortable sleep by investing in a top-quality product like the Spry Pure Pillow. The best part is that the filter releases air so the pillow can easily be rolled to fit in your suitcase!


Stay Active and Explore the Sights

Most business trips are packed full of meetings or conferences, but it’s essential to take time out of each day to explore the area in which you’re staying. Going on walks or runs around town can help you clear your head while allowing you to learn more about where you’re visiting. It’s also a fantastic way to stay active!

As challenging as it may be, try to maintain a regular fitness routine when traveling. You might need to get creative in how you stay active so you can maintain your physical and mental well-being. You have plenty of options — from doing a yoga session in your hotel room or joining a local running group to seeking outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, or biking.


Take a Breather

Traveling is often busy and hectic, but you must set aside time to relax. Taking a few moments of “me time“ throughout the day can help you reduce stress and get more out of your trip.

Read a book in a café, go for a stroll in a nearby park, visit a local spa for some massage therapy, or do. Little moments of relaxation add up, and you’ll notice that you have more energy throughout your trip. Finding balance during travel is key for your long-term well-being!


You might be surprised how much better your business trips can be when you plan and prepare ahead of time! By staying organized, getting enough rest, staying active, and making time to relax, you can significantly reduce stress and get more out of your travels. And you won’t experience the same dread the next time business takes you away from home!


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