blog | 04.01.21

Spring Allergy Triggers to Watch

Spring is a season of beauty and renewal, but for those with asthma, it can also be a time of more frequent attacks. Asthma triggers are all too common at this time of year, and here are some key things to watch out for:

Allergy Triggers

  • Frequent temperature changes – The weather changes fast in the springtime, and those sudden changes can trigger asthma attacks. You should watch the weather forecast carefully and limit strenuous activity when the temperatures are less prone to rapid changes.
  • Increase in pollen – If you are sensitive to pollen, such as; desert grasses, olive trees, citrus blossoms, and desert shrubs to name a few, it pays to limit outdoor activities when pollen counts are high.
  • Air pollution – The higher temperatures of spring can make existing air pollution worse, both inside and outside the home. As the warmer weather comes you may find yourself opening windows to let in fresh air, but this also allows air pollution into your home.

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