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news | 03.15.21

Spry Announces Expanded Medical Product Line

The expanded product line includes specialized positioners to enable patient proning and offloading, as well as turning and positioning devices for improved caregiver safety

March 15, 2021 (White Plains, NY) – Spry Therapeutics today announced its latest product line expansion for improved patient and caregiver safety within healthcare facilities. In addition to its proprietary PPE pillow, the company’s suite of products now includes a range of fluidized positioners, as well as turning and positioning devices.

Fluidized technology has long been considered the gold standard in therapeutic positioning. It not only helps with developmental care in the NICU, but also allows for safer, more effective positioning in adult patients.

Unlike other positioning devices that mainly focus on facilitating body alignment, Spry’s fluidized positioners address skin protection and pressure redistribution, while also encouraging infection control.

Spry’s expanded product lines also place a heavy emphasis on caregiver safety, especially as protocols for COVID-19 continue to develop. In the past year, proning patients has been increasingly more common for improved oxygenation and decreased dyspnea. In response to the increased demand, Spry has developed a proning kit that not only facilitates the proning process itself, but also protects both patient and caregiver from the aerosolization of pathogens.

The expanded product line includes:

Spry Pure

  • Filtered PPE pillow
  • Filtered NICU mattress

Spry Flo

  • NICU positioners
  • Adult positioners
  • Proning kit

Spry Air

  • Static air seat cushion

Spry Therapeutics’ Co-founders, Bill and Bob Purdy, have historically raised the standard of care within hospitals and look forward to continuing to bring their innovative technologies to market.

“For the past 30+ years, my brother and I have focused on introducing groundbreaking, affordable products to the healthcare industry,” said Bob Purdy, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Spry Therapeutics. “We look forward to continuing to improve patient and caregiver safety with our latest product expansion.”

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