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News | 01.06.20

To a Cleaner, Healthier 2020

Rockland NY Mom recently reviewed our Spry Pure pillow, along with her daughter who suffers from allergies and asthma. Read the article below to hear their thoughts and learn how Spry Pure can help reduce allergic reactions in your home.

Do you have anyone in your house with breathing issues due to asthma or allergies? When was the last time you changed out your pillows?

Little (E) was one of those unlucky kiddos that ended up with RSV when she was an infant. As a result she has asthma, luckily the kind that she’s supposed to grow out of, and it IS getting better. When she gets sick though, she goes from about zero to 100 in an hour. A little cough can become pneumonia over night.

Over the years, we’ve done things to help her with her allergies and asthma, like for instance she has an air purifier near her bed, got a vacuum with a help filter, installed a filter in our AC System, and also use non-chemical cleaning aids. She is under a pulmonologist’s care, and we do have instructions for when she starts to get sick. Don’t as me why I’ve never attacked her pillows before, because it makes sense.

The Average Household Pillow

  • The average pillow has 1 million spores and as many as 16 types of fungus
  • After 12-18 months, a new hospital pillow is heavier due to human waste buildup inside the pillow
  • The average pillow is used for about 3,000 hours each year, and with that comes 20 gallons of sweat

This information has be acting like Leia on Endor “Somehow I’ve always known…”

Sooo, when I heard about Spry Therapeutics and their PURE line I was intrigued. Their nano-barrier keeps out allergens, viruses, and bacteria, while allowing the pillow to breathe. So, that thing my kid puts her head on every night won’t be continually soaking up all the grossness that comes to her with bed. Additionally, it won’t be spewing harmful bacteria back into the air as she lays her head on it like her current pillows are. You don’t have to wash them, except maybe topically with water, which is awesome because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve washed a pillow and prayed that it’s dry on the inside… The pillow is water proof, so sweat doesn’t get absorbed either making it heavy and gross, or allowing bacteria to grow.

BUUUUUUUUT, are they comfortable? Yeeep. The benefits are so great that I’m wondering how all hospitals aren’t making the switch, especially during the current season of cold, flu and the dreaded RSV. My daughter now refuses to sleep without her “asthma” pillow. It was actually difficult for me to get the pillow so that I could try it for a while, since my 6 year old reported that she was comfortable and that she loves it, but I didn’t feel like that was enough. I wanted to be able to speak for myself, to give you all a better idea. After all, this isn’t a regular old pillow, it’s an investment. Also worth noting that it comes in memory foam or polyfill and we have the fill (which is recommended for little people).

The pillow is light, and even the fill is plenty supportive (for my head). I don’t find it to feel “facility” like at all. With the case on it, it really feels like just a regular pillow, but I did really enjoy my sleep. My pillows are of course old and tattered, so this would ABSOLUTELY be an upgrade for me.

My conclusion. We’ve had the pillow about a month. (E) enjoys sleeping on it, and because of that I am going to replace all her pillows with it. I can think of a handful of people in my life that would really benefit from this. My mother who seems to always end up with breathing stuff (that’s just how she gets sick), a few of my in-laws who also suffer from asthma and allergies, and even myself and my son who don’t but I’d like us to live cleaner, healthier lives.

EDIT: Over this holiday break BOTH of my kids ended up with respiratory sicknesses. My daughter recovered rather quickly, my son has been on antibiotics for 4 days, and finally went back to school this morning, only to be sent home for coughing. I am currently throwing out my old pillows and replacing them with these Spry Pure pillows.

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