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news | 01.14.20

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Spry Therapeutics Announces Soft-Surface Filter Technology to Combat Healthcare Acquired Infections and Superbugs

The announcement kicks off the company’s 2020 Pure campaign, which aims to address healthcare acquired infections and evoke an industry-wide change

White Plains, NY – January 14, 2020 – Spry Therapeutics, a health and wellness technology company, today announced its plan to reduce the spread of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) among patients and caregivers. Through its 2020 Pure campaign, Spry hopes to address the HAI epidemic, which claims 99,000 lives in the US annually – more than breast and prostate cancer combined – with its patented filtered technology, Pneumapure.

Hospitals currently do everything within their power to clean hard surfaces and prevent cross-contamination among patients and caregivers, by using autoclaves, sanitizing wipes, UV sterilization, and more. Unfortunately, current sterilization methods are only topical and do nothing to address the interior of soft surfaces, such as pillows and mattresses, on which patients spend most of their time.

Currently, all pillows on the market are susceptible to contamination by their very design; their stitched seams enable countless pathogens to enter and exit their interiors with each new patient. Similarly, ECRI Institute reports that supposedly “clean” mattresses can contain blood and other bodily fluids, which put patients at risk for cross-contamination. As a result, these soft surfaces have become reservoirs of deadly organisms like MRSA, C. diff, E. coli, Candida auris, and more – commonly known as “superbugs.”

Spry Therapeutics is committed to helping healthcare facilities eliminate soft surfaces as a vector for contamination by providing the world’s first and only soft-surface filter technology: Pneumapure. The company’s patented filter technology blocks even the smallest “superbugs” – down to .02 micron – from entering or exiting any soft surface to which it’s applied, helping to prevent the transmission of deadly diseases among patients and caregivers. Pneumapure also reduces costs associated with HAIs from environmental impact to disposal costs, annual purchase expenditures and more.

“We are excited about the prospect of finally being able to prevent infections that are killing hundreds of thousands of people a year by offering an effective and affordable technology,” said Bill Purdy, Co-Founder and CEO of Spry Therapeutics. “We strongly believe that patients should have the expectation that their head rests on a pillow with a core that has not been contaminated by a previous patient. We also believe that suppliers and manufacturers of these pillows have an obligation to meet that expectation, whenever possible.”

Spry Therapeutics plans to introduce its Pneumapure solution to leading healthcare facilities in the US – and major suppliers to these facilities – throughout the year 2020.

The official press release can be viewed here.